Mental and substance abuse disorders caused more hospitalizations among US troops than any other cause. The nation has experienced a 400 percent increase in mentally ill offenders entering the criminal justice system. By 2020, behavioral health disorders will surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability worldwide. More than half of adolescents in the United States who fail to complete high school have a diagnostic psychiatric disorder. More than 75% of the 6 million people served by State mental health authorities across the Nation, are unemployed.

Challenges in the Mental Health Care System Today

As a result of the continued economic downturn, states and the federal government have cut billions of dollars in mental health care funding over the past several years.

The outcome is a loss of access to mental health treatment and services for countless Americans, as well as increased costs to local governments, social service organizations, schools, and the justice system. And far too often, cuts also mean a loss of hope for the individuals and families battling mental illness. Learn More

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